We are a small farm dedicated to growing delicious food and beautiful flowers 

Off Center Farm is located minutes outside of New Haven, CT and is the result of a decade of day dreaming about growing delicious, healthy food and gorgeous flowers. We are excited about contributing to the rich agricultural history of Connecticut, and we're excited to integrate the local community into our efforts to making the Nutmeg State more sustainable.  PHOTOS BY OLIVER HULLAND


Farmer Kristyna Hulland has a passion for health, well-being and cultivating natural beauty. She has been dreaming of starting this farm since 2011 when she started managing a 10 acre, non-profit organic farm in Baltimore that grew vegetables for a small CSA and flowers for wholesale and market. Kristyna’s background in global health, environmental sustainability, and teaching yoga inform her farming approach and inspire her to bring the community to the farm and the farm to the community.

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Doctor and all-star farm partner, Oliver Hulland is an emergency medicine physician who is in residency at Yale New Haven Hospital. In addition to saving lives, he is the farm’s main photographer, foraging expert, and chicken wrangler. He has trained with Paul Stammets of Fungi Perfecti in mushroom cultivation and has professionally foraged for a James Beard Award-winning restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen, in Baltimore.

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Little Roan Hulland is the mascot and beating heart of Off Center Farm. She acts as muse, chief taste tester and littlest forager.


Our Produce

We grow beautiful produce without synthetic chemicals. We believe food should be special and meals should bring out the best of everything.


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and provides a way for the farmer to get a start on the season with a shared commitment from the community.  Members support a local farm like ours with up-front costs so we can plan, plant and harvest for a guaranteed customer base. In return, CSA members get a weekly share of the harvest. Each week of the CSA season, we curate a variety of greens, roots, and fruits, ensuring you the the freshest, most celebrated food of the season. We grow over 40 vegetables including multiple varieties so the share offerings are always changing. We also love to add extras like herbs or cut flowers to make each week even more special.

Share Options

Weekly CSA Shares feed a family or 2-3 adults that enjoy eating their veggies! Starting in early June, for 18-20 weeks (depending on the weather) you will pick up your share of 6-10 items. We will ensure as much variety as possible and love to include special additions of herbs and flowers when possible. 

Bi-Weekly CSA Shares are ideal for individuals or small households. The Bi-Weekly Share receives exactly half the produce of the Weekly Share collected every other week. You will be given a start date (e.g week 1,3,5,7, etc., or 2,4,6,8, etc.) and will pick up every other week. 

Members will receive a weekly newsletter with news from the farm and recipes highlighting the weekly share. Note: While we cannot guarantee any changes to pick-up dates, we will consider these on a case-by-case basis considering the availability of produce.

Add-on items:

  • Eggs - we have a limited number of eggs, so reserve a dozen weekly / biweekly. OR you can order a dozen to be packed with your share on a week-by-week basis (depending on availability). $110 / $55

  • Flowers - while pretty little things may end up in your share, you can also order a full size mixed bouquet, hand tied and wrapped in a sleeve to brighten your week or to give to a loved one. Weekly and bi-weekly flower shares are available or by special order. $180 / $90

Great food is in your future! 

Sign up today for 18-20 weeks packed with colorful, local, and delicious vegetables. Each week there will be 6-10 different vegetables or fruits (when in season). Choose from two pick up sites: 

  • Yale New Haven Hospital (time and location TBD) or

  • Off Center Farm in Woodbridge (15 minutes from downtown New Haven)

SOLD OUT FOR 2019! - Thanks to all of our members. You can find our produce at our farm stand mid-June through October.


Our love of seasonal blooms grows out of our desire to create a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Our flowers are grown the same way as our food. We use no synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or fungicides because these blooms are an integral part of an ecosystem, fed by living soil and provides forage for native pollinators. We really believe that flowers provide joy and dignity. Let’s spread that around!

Wild and wonderful / gathered and grown

I carefully select annual and perennial flowers that will look great in bouquets and arrangements alongside native species that grow wild on our property. We delight in loose, romantic collections of seasonal blooms.  


We are proud members of an exciting new initiative, Connecticut Grown Flowers, a collective of CT flower farms. You can find our flowers and a host of beauty grown across our state. AND you can buy our products wholesale via a market at Flower Wonderland in Branford from 10am=1pm on Wednesdays (membership required).


Join us in honoring traditional skills and creative processes through workshops that make use of farm grown and foraged products.

General Sharpening Workshop

October 13, 10 am - 12:30 pm

In this workshop we will discuss general sharpening of various tools, several methods of achieving sharpness, bevel angles, and maintaining a keen edge. Feel free to bring your clippers, scythe, shears, miscellaneous garden tool, or even your pocket knife. We will do a little bit of woodworking here and set coarse/fine stones into blocks of wood and adhere leather to wood for a handy strop. Participants will go home with these useful tools and the skills needed to reproduce them in the future. If you are new to sharpening or don’t know how to sharpen particular implements, you should definitely check out this workshop so that using your tools will become easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Workshop fee includes a block-set sharpening stone, leather strop, and hot beverages.


Wreath making WorkshopS

2018 Dates: November 10th 3-5:30 pm, December 1st, 3-5:30 pm, December 15th, 3-5:30 pm

Make your own holiday wreath to celebrate the best of the season. I will demo symmetrical and asymmetrical wreaths using foraged and farm grown foliage, flowers, and textural elements set on a handmade natural wreath form. Participants will create a festive wreath that will dry to last through the holiday season. Workshop fees include all materials, and each participant will make and take their finished designs. We will gather around the fire and sip cider and wine while making beautiful things!


Contact Us

For information about joining our CSA, flowers, employment or to visit, please fill out this form! Follow us on social media for frequent updates and daily activities.

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48 Center Road
Woodbridge, CT, 06525
United States

tel: 203-609-3960

email: offcenterfarmer@gmail.com