CSA Week 1

Our First Offering

The first share is always fraught with newness and uncertainty. I'm both overflowing with pride for what springs forth from the soil and trepidation about weather and ripeness. Breaking new ground at this property has been a huge undertaking, yet I am enormously happy to share the first of many meals from our beloved farm. Read the week's newsletter here

June 12 FarmShare-0020358.JPG

Springiest Radish, Pea and Herb Salad

1 bunch Radishes

1 1/2 cup peas (pea shoots, shelled or sugar snaps)

Chives, mint, basil chopped roughly in equal parts (~2Tbsp each)

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 lime

Quarter radishes and toss with peas, chives, basil, mint, olive oil and juice from a whole lime. The herb mix is really a winner and will also work really well with asparagus if you have some on hand and add it here, too. This salad is super easy and THE BEST way to eat spring veggies so there is no reason not to make it immediately (even if, like me, you procrastinate with prepping something until 10 minutes before you are bringing salad to a friend's house).